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Royal Albert Hall

Dear Alan ,paid the hall a visit yesterday to see the RPS exhibition. Nice to see your work on display,sorry you were not there for a cup of coffee. Also nice to see another familar name in Tim Rudwick who also visited Midhurst Camera Club a long time ago.
kind regards,John
John Harrison

Speakers' Corne - "Sir" Robert Matthews


I was intrigued by your gallery, but disappointed that I couldn't find an image of self-styled "Sir" Robert Matthews, who I saw many times in the early seventies. He was a black guy from the Carribean in his seventies then I guess - always sported a 10-gallon hat and appeared to lave lost his fingers due to leprosy.

He ranted and raved very seriously, practically frothing at the mouth about how he had come to Britain and helped Churchill to "kick Hitler's ass out of England"
David Evans


Dear Alan !! Hope this message will find you well ??
My name is Salim I'm a street photographer who has been documenting Speakers Corner for last 5 years ,,,, a year ago I wanted to organise a photo exhibition about the Greatest photographs of SC for the last 3 decades ,,, had a look online and your name came up on many occasions ,,,,since then " unfortunately" I wasn't able to fulfil and complete that project due to the many Bureaucratic procedures around here in London ,,,any way few months ago I've met a group of people from the Bishops Gate institute who were lucky enough to get fundings from the english heritage Lottery fund to start an oral history project which will in fact consist of An archive dedicated to Speakers’ Corner at Bishopsgate Institute in London ,,, we already had few meetings at the institute with the most popular Speakers ,hecklers and normal visitors like me ,,,, hmmm I thought to my self as photographer who admire your work may be you can get in touch in with the girls in charge of the project so you can share your experiences and memories about corner with all of us ?? feel free to have a look on their website
and you can check their SC project ,,
thanks so much for your time and hope we hear from you soon ,,,
Our next meeting will be on the 18/12 at the bishops gate institute if you are free you are more than welcome to join us !!
Kind Regards

Cycle sculpture

Hi just to say how fantastick the photo is of the cycle sculpture in molsey I designed and made it ! My mate who worked with me spotted it and we're both very impressed , Graham Hart
Graham Hart

Wonderful site

Wonderful photos on here Alan. Keep up the good work.


Even though I had seen some of the photographs in 'Outside the box,' I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many.
I realise I still have a lot to learn!


Street gallery

Wonderful pictures of the streets that have relaxed me tonight after spending all day upon them ,what I call pleasure and pain thank you.
Geoff beer

I like you work ! And...

 I regularly trawl the web to find photographers who's work touches me and I came across your site. I've decided to create a page on my site to encourage others to discover and enjoy or be challenged by other photographers work just like I am.   I would like your permission to add a link to your site on mine just for the pleasure of sharing with others work that I like and I ask for absolutely nothing in return. If you wish you can even send me a text and a photo that I can place along with your link.
 The bread and butter of my photography is wedding photography . Truly it is more personal work that attracts me . I would be delighted to encourage others to visit your site.
 Looking forward to hearing from you. 
  Kind regards
Christophe Chevaugeon

thanks for your inspiring talk

Dear Alan Many thanks for coming to The Cheam CC last Wednesday. Your beautifully illustrated talk was an inspiration to me and many others. I have ordered a copy of your Speakers Corner book for myself and plan to do some of my own. I like your website as well! Sending you my very best wishes. Michael Nightingale - Chairman of trhe CCC
Michael Nightingale

Thank you

Just a quick mail to say your speech tonight at Cheam Camera Club was brilliant, I have seen a whole new light in black and white photography, and went straight home to look at images that I have taken to start working on b&w versions of them.
once again thank you
All the best

VC Lachhiman photo

Dear sir,
My name is Sacha Previn Kumar and I am a student at Goldsmiths, University of London. I am currently doing a Masters Degree in Documentary Filmmaking and at present I am making a documentary about the Gurkhas and especially VC Lachhiman.
My Grandfather, Grand-Uncle & both my paternal Uncles served in Gurkha regiments in Britain and I have always had a profound respect and admiration for the Gurkhas.
I am very fortunate to have had the privilege of meeting VC Lachhiman and a huge portion of my documentary is about him. I attended his funeral last year & I've managed to interview many Gurkhas about him and his fascinating exploits during WWII.
Unfortunately the one thing I'm lacking is a good photograph of him.
I saw your wonderfully amazing photograph of him on this website: ( & I was wondering if you would be so kind as to allow me to use it in my student documentary please. I promise not to use the film for commercial purposes. Of course in the credits of my documentary I will acknowledge that the photograph was by you and I will also send you a copy of the film.
My student film is a non-profit film & will not be used for commercial purposes.
I would be extremely grateful if you could give me permission to use this superb photograph please.
Thank you very much & I really hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards
Sacha Kumar
Sacha P. Kumar

Lecture query

Dear Alan

I am Program Secretary for the Hampton Hill Photographic Society, based in Hampton Hill Middlesex

I am looking for future speakers who would be interested in coming to talk to us on all aspects of photography and I came upon your website whilst browsing the internet.

I would be very interested in booking you for a future presentation to us if possible as I think your experience and background would be of great interest to our members

Paul Kestenbaum
Paul Kestenbaum

New email

Hi Alan, Glad to see you're still taking excellent photos and getting better all the time.
John Kendall

Political correctness

I think your pictures are artistically and socially impressive, and I applaud your attention to protest movements. But I'm puzzled by your comments about protest being threatened by the Establishment because of political correctness. Surely, the cliche "political correctness" is used by the Establishment and the gutter press as a weapon to demean many protest movements, such as anti-racism and feminism.
George Kennard

Talks/Lectures to Camera clubs

Hi Alan,

You produce Excellent Images.


John Palmer

Inspiring photography


I found this site while looking for information and looking for inspiration. Am I glad I stumbled across your site. Love the way you capture the emotions in you portraits, there are some really stunning pictures here. I also brought the book on Speakers Corner, well worth it.

I am just about to start a project on Speaker's corner, and looking at your pictures has really helped me.
Frank Darnell

My personal "review"

I just made a small "review" (a personal impression to tell the truth since I bet I'm not good enough to review anyone) of your works on my personal (no profit) blog, in which I linked a few example of your pictures (each one of them is reporting your copyright and the direct link to your gallery of course) within a brief description of your career and known life. If you'd like to see it I would really appreciate you to correct me if any wrong information is in the post (there's actually a translation function from italian, but it is just google translate so it may reports an english poorer than mine). If, for any reason, you want me to erase your images you will only need tell me through a reply and I will delete them at once: I will continue to love your portraits anyway!
Begging your pardon for my scholastic english I remain with best regards.
Marco Dolci

"Observations" Book

Got it for Christmas, and thoroughly enjoyed it. One thing to see pictures on the screen, another to see them in print - adds a whole new side to them. Well worth the read for any one thinking about getting a book...
Andrew Brown


November 2010

Hi Alan,
I still visit your clickpic site, and still find your images fascinating and full of life. The one thing a still image should do is give the sense of movement in telling its story. Yours do that very well. I keep meaning to put my stuff up on a clicpic site, but still haven't got round to it.


RPS Portfolio 2

November 2010Finally received my copy (moving house made it a bit of a trawl). Shame you only had the 1 pic - but then there's always next year!
Andrew Brown

My lucky day

November 2010.

Hi Alan. Stopped to chat with you at Speakers Corner today. What a fortunate moment for me.Great to see your work via your book and now have had an opportunity to check out the images on Flickr.I would really appreciate the opportunity to keep in touch with you as i dust off the cobwebs and find time to persue my love of photography. There is much i can learn from you. Some of my images live on Flickr as well under the name of The Peddler. Hope we can speak soon. Mike
Michael Blythe

Kingston Camera Club

October 2010

Hi Alan,
You have kindly agreed to talk at our club next February 2011 (7th), entitled People and Streets. Love your pictures and your talk will be worth waiting for. Thanks, and hear from you soon.
Sue Buller
Programme Secretary
Sue Buller

Blast from the past


Hi Alan
Great to see you are still alive and clicking! I was only thinking about you the other day and then up you popped in 'The Green' today.
There are some great images on here - I never knew your hidden talent during your days with the French...
Keith Oswin


May 2010

Stunning work Alan,
I particularly love the photograph entitled "London Streets"


MARCH 2010

Well done on your new book. Looks great. When are you going to come and do a series on our native brothers here on Vancouver Island?
John Bradbury



Thanks for the inspiration.
Laurie Macdonald


September 2009

The upgraded site certainly makes it easier to navigate all the great images you have there. It's always a joy and an inspiration to peruse and learn from them. Regards, Tina.
Tina Meikle.

Nice Work


Nice site Alan - some really great photo's.



Sorry, took me a while to visit Alan.
the update is terrific, nice and clear, easy to navigate..and thoughtfully put together. a job well done.

Of course, then there's the content.
a real feast for the eyes and the mind that words cannot do justice to.
Congratulations and keep up the great work.

chris patterson

Havildar Lachhiman Gurung VC


Fabulous image, I would like to use it in a free Remembrance Day project for Ontario, Canada teachers.

M. Cook

My appreciation!!

July 2009

Hi Alan,
Have just had a brief whizz through the site and I am well impressed...the Speakers' Corner set has 'serious legs' and I like the way you have tightly cropped the heads, this is certainly one time eye contact is important, to bring out the eccentricity. These people are on the edge, when they get to the point of having to stand up on the soap box to make themselves heard, I think sometimes I am close to that point...anyway bravo! and I hope you are going to extend this powerful regards ..Paul.
Paul Anthony Wilson


July 2009

Some striking images to be found here, Abers. Nice layout & presentation.
Regards Damon.

July 2009

Inspirational photography!
Eden Breitz

Web site

JULY 2009

"If only I could paint a picture or write a poem as brilliantly as you take a
John Kendall

New Gallery

July 2009
Ken Latham

A real treat to visit again Alan, your work is outstanding and will grace galleries and publications for many years to come. Always a pleasure to see such work.

Ken Latham

Web Site Update

JULY 2009

I think your site is simply wonderful as usual

Best wishes

Harry Cundell

The Site

July 2009

Alan, It is always a pleasure to come back again and again to view your wonderful collection of images of street life and 'speaker's corner' especially. The revamp of the site is fresh and the new images are as thought provoking and inspirational as ever. Keep up the good work. regards, John
John Pattison


July 2009

Superbe,oui le NB n'est pas mort,merci.
Marichal Claude

Candid Portraits

June 2009

Love them as each one seems to capture the character of the person, love in particular 'Jack next door' seems a lovely man.


May 2009

Congratulations Alan, on a really great book of stunning images....worth every penny and a joy to look at for years to come. I know you have loads more great images, so let us know when the next one hits the press.
Tina Meikle
Tina Meikle.


APRIL 2009

Alan thank you very much for the advice to see the James Ravillious exhibition I really did wonder at such a fantastic collection of pics dare I say Speakers Corner is your slice of Devon
Irvine Bartlett



Hi Alan, you gave me your web address when you came into my shop (The Attic) on weds 25th Feb and saw some of my work. Congrats on yours, I really enjoyed them, it was a real contrast to my work and I can see how much time you have spent catching those moments. Thank you, Martin Wase.
Martin Wase

Potential Lecture - Bracknell Camera Club


I am currently the programme secretary of Bracknell Camera Club and always on the look out for lecturers to our club. I have just come across your wonderful web site and stunning images and wondered if you would consider coming to Bracknell to give us a lecture. I'd therefore be grateful if you could contact me.

Many thanks

Kind regards

Caroline Colegate

Jack next door


Thank you Alan for capturing Dad perfectly! He loved the photo and proudly displayed it. We all, especially immediate family, will treasure this image that summed him up so well.
Liz Sanderson



Alan - wow, what an evening. Your black and white images projected full screen were eye catching and powerful.

Your presentation had humour, warmth and a strong sense of understanding the characters you photograph.

Thank you for a fabulous evening.
Karen Bennett



Alan I keep looking at your pics. I think they are wonderful. I realise when I see them I am just an inventor but would be absolutely thrilled if you would accept a link to my site
See you soon I hope . Hope you are well and clicking


Harry Cundell

Nice Site


Hi Alan

I've been a member (Arena) for a couple of years and I have heard your name mentioned on various occasions. It's nice to find your site and finally catch up with your wonderful images

Dave Mason
Dave Mason



Hi Alan,
I dont know you, but was very impressed with you web site and the article in the RPS journal. A number of years ago I used to do enviromental portraiture, mainly in black and white, but for the last 10years have mainly done Natural History. However, seeing your work has made me realise what I have been missing, and you have wHet my apetite to start doing portraiture again. I would love to go to one of your talks, and I see you are doing one at Midhurst Camera Club. Living in Colchester in Essex, its abit of a journey, so I was wondering if you have any plans to do any lectures in any of the clubs north of the river ? If so, I would love to come along and see your prints.
Regards Roger Hance. FRPS
Roger Hance


Stunning site Alan. The content is amazing and unique.
Tony aka Alf



I am hoping to attend your presentation at the Midhurst Camera Club on December 3rd. See you then
Ann Summers



Hi Alan,
I enjoyed seeing you today and seeing your images in print, great B&W images.



Came across you on the DCM forums. Your comments and feed back have always been positive. Checked out this
site from flickr. I'm going to the exhibition on Saturday. (18th) Great shots. I'm just getting into B&W and finding yours insprirational.

Photo Exhibition Invite

October 2008

I would like to invite you to exhibit some of your photographs for free on our new photographers gallery. Entry into the gallery is by invitation only, to ensure only the best photographers are represented.
Trevor Hirst

Speakers Corner


Absolutely brilliant stuff from speakers corner! Such diverse amount of people in one area.

Regards Andrew
Andrew Beckett

Other stuff

Morning Alan...just had another thoroughly enjoyable stroll around Abercrombieland.
Great stuff mate.
How about a landscape / seaside gallery?
Chris Patterson / shelfy

A Different Class

I've really enjoyed spending time looking through your website Alan, you have a unique talent for capturing the real 'character' in your subjects, your portfolio is truly outstanding and rightly serves as an inspiration to others. Kind Regards, Paul
Paul Forgham



It's great to see your work again! Lovely to know you are 'back'!

Tim Rudman


30 JUNE 2008

Hi Alan,

I followed your link from DCM and your shots here are truly stunning. I love doing portrait work and seeing your work has inspired me even more. I am relatively new to photography and do all my work unpaid at the moment just to get the experience. Thank you for letting me see what REAL photography is about, catching the person not just the scene. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Kindest regards

Steve Greaves


30 JUNE 2008
Images and a study of people second to non Alan. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your gallery and shall most definitely be revisiting it again in the not too distant future.
Well done and regards.
Alan Ingham
Alan Ingham


MAY 2008

Congratulations Alan for having realized such a beautiful work. Your great portraits are inspirational to all the photographers, you have the gift to capture and show the emotions of people in your unique and marvellous way?.A great gallery which cannot be forgotten.
All the best.
Bruno Maria Miotti

Well done!

MAY 2008

Hi Alan,
I realised this morning that I hadn't taken the time to let you know how much I enjoy looking at your photography... It really is outstanding and quite difficult to emulate!

Best wishes,
Si Moore

Well done

MAY 2008

Your photography Alan is a joy to look at. You capture the expressions of ordinary people with both feeling and emotion. I wish you ever success with the web site. Regards, Graham Cormie
Graham Cormie


MAY 2008

This is a great site my friend with great photos.


Anthony Hedger

Your site

MAY 2008

A brilliant site of a brilliant man and his photographic passion. I have not seen it all yet but will return tomorrow.
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson


APRIL 2008
Superb Work Alan - a fantastic portfolio of portraits - the best I've seen. Keep up the good work, always a pleasure to see your work.

Best Wishes

Kristin Moat


APRIL 2008

Hello Mr Abers,your Gallery is original,very well crafted and unforgettable,great work,very very well done to you.
Bill Stewardson

Your Website

MARCH 2008
I have been paging through your website - unbelieveble speaking portraits!
Thank you for sharing these beauties!
Lion Hijmans

Abercrombie Images

MARCH 2008

Wonderful portraiture. Absolutely.
your ability to capture the character within people is amazing.
I've seen your work before, its nothing short of inspirational. This site is a pleasure to wander through.
Keep up the good work.
Chris Patterson / shelfy


March 2008

I think your black and white images are super, well done!
Hannah Sherman

Thank you

MARCH 2008

Love your images in your Galleries

Rgds John.
John Baird

Black and White Images

MARCH 2008

Just been looking through your gallery , having seen your numerous posts on DCMag site and they are , as always, superb. Love the idea of the speakers corner shots and your conversions to black and white are superb.
Paul Dishman

Faces Lifes Characters

On seeing your portfolio in January Digital Camera I have been so inspired by your work,I have chosen you as my photographer to emulate in my GCSE photography portraits of people. Thank you
Joan Townend


March 2008
A truly excellent collection of work.
Rachael D'Cruze - Digital Camera magazine

Your Website

MARCH 2008

Came accross your work in the Digital Photograper magazine galleries and then a little latter found you were also posting on the Digital Camera readers galleries as well.
You have an amazing collection of portraits on your website and the B&W treatment suits them very well. Keep up this great work, truly inspirational.
Best wishes, John
John Pattison

your images

MARCH 2008
Some fabulous characters cpatured very cleverly. Did you have to get permission from everyone? Do you ever use colour? I think B & W is very effective, and of course when printed tends to "fix" permanently.
John Derry


Hi Alan,
Julie suggested I look at your site, she is very proud of you. This is a great site, the photo's are really interesting, you have a great talent.

Karl Dales

Guest book

16th. February 2008
Abers, you are an inspiration, your work is outstanding and gives me something to aspire to.

Howard Worf

Club talk?

14th February 2008
Hello Alan

Seen your images and love them.

Don't know where you live or much else about you but all things considered - We are based in Midhurst West Sussex. If that is near enough to you - would you consider doing a talk to our camera club members?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Karen Bennett
Karen Bennett


11th February 2008
Lovely Gallery Alan very nice to see all your stuff in slideshow format its one of the nicest collections of mono work I've seen so far!
Steven Tierny

Loved the photos

2nd February 2008
Great facial expressions - I could almost hear them speaking...

Your pictures

31st January 2008
This is a remarkable collection.
Stunning images.
Ross Sherman

Speakers Corner

29th January 2008.
What an absolutely amazing website. What fabulous characters you have captured. Will be sure to visit again just to see what else you come up with. Very very good.
Sandie Leadley


21st January 2008
A superb site Alan, your quality mono portraiture/street photography is really inspirational, kind regards.
Don Tiffney.


20th. January 2008
Alan, a wonderful collection of mono images. It's a joy to view such masterful use of light and how you've managed to capture these characters and their expressions. Cheers, Colin.
Colin Russell

Your pictures

20th. January 2008
You have impressed the family,top class.

Speakers Corner

18th JANUARY 2008
Hi Alan I thought your photos of the characters at Speakers Corner were awesome and I look forward to being a regular visitor to your website.
Judith Barfield

Photo Gallery

18th JANUARY 2008.

Pictures are terrific. We love all of them.
John and Renata Kendall

Your Site

17th January 2008.

No wonder Digital Camera Magazine were astute enough to feature your Portfolio as a Portfolio of the month. Your Mono Portraits, the majority all taken in their natural environment are simply stunning.

A fantastic website of the highest quality, keep it up Alan

Kind Regards
David Constable


15th January 2008

Very nice Alan.
John Bradbury

Amazing pictures

14th January 2008.

Wonderful images


13th January 2008.

Fantastic, absolutely fantastic
Derek Hawes


11th January 2008

Great galleries, your people pictures are 'Top Drawer'
Phil Drake FRPS


5th January 2008

Great gallery, Alan.
Keith T

Superb photos!

5th January 2008

Brilliant website, pictures are superb, well done!
Karen Bartram


5th January 2008.

Julie Sherman